Updates that i fogot to post earlier!

Forgot to post these ages ago! Here is a copy that i placed to another blog ages ago..
I have finished my 2 week internship at Vividbrand. The team was lovely and i got a good insight on branding which i found to be pretty interesting. I spend a lot of my time researching for drinks identity campaigns such as Heineken and Tiger Beer and working a lot with Coca Cola related tasks (tey are releasing a new bottle size, a better option for mealdeals.) and photoshopping “imaginary”coke ads and situations in real life where coke ads might appear for internal use. Here an example that I picked from one of my dozens jobs (I was pretty impressed how much care is seen for fake demonstrations to make the ads look realistic. Well i pushed my photoshopping skills again I guess)
Anyways, I really am thankful for the experience as it really teached me some organisational skills and better strategy thinking. Even though the company is perhaps the most creative environment, their research process is worth of experiencing. I recommend.
I started straight after internship at YCN, and there I am still. My position is a design intern and it’s been very exciting. I work with the same team with Alex Hunting that is a recent graduate from lcc GMD/Illustration pathway. Everyone in the studio were for my surprise very young which made it even more exciting.
Just for those don’t yet know.. YCN is a a multi-disciplinary central team of designers, art directors, strategists, writers, and project managers work together at 72 Rivington Street in London. They also represent a roster of illustrators, animation directors and other creative practitioners
They provide usually 1 month internship opportunities but have it extended untill end of the year if I wish :) The whole studio is very dynamic- but also little scary. I get a lot of responsibilities as a designer and my team are not far form my age my “unexperience” feels even little bit more sharper sometimes.
We are working on something quite exciting such as a UAL stall for UCAS even for new prospects, Budweiser, identity for company called Pitfield, Merlins, workshops and educational tasks and many more. In addition I’ve been asked to customize their window for their new opening for Christmas. We will see how that goes :)
Here a picture taken by YCN, and illustrated backround are by Dan Woodger
Wile working at YCN, i took a part in a workshop organized by Dove for period of two weeks. 30 Graphic Designers and 30 Architects were put into teams and asked to have a design perspective on the concept of “real Beauty” within Doves principles. It was difficult as I had to work 9am-11pm days even sundays but paid off too :) We won the first prize! Other winners were with Simon Phan and Lisa Grant (we were different teams though so triple victory for lcc! :-) ).
Here are couple of snaphots of a film that my team “Stargate” produced for Dove. It was great to be able to work in a playful manner bringing out ideas that sort of also “break” Doves usual rules by invernting a manifesto on Dove’s principle into White++. With more time, access to studio (and no fulltime job) we would have been able to produce the film with a lot better quality. But it is good to realise once again that Ideas do come first. Here are some shanp shots of the process of the project. I don’t have the film myself yet so I will share it little later here.
Big thanks to my team with Roxanne Gatt (csm) and Ana-Maria Giourgi(Chelsea).And a special Thank for Studio Gilles and Cecile. Cecile is such an inspiring spirit, I could not have enough of her :) . Perhaps this could be  suggestion for anyone who would be interested to apply for their studio? Here is their website http://www.gillesandcecilie.com/
here are some screenshots of the short film we made. It is an introduction to our "anti-manifesto" for understanding the values of real beauty