foundation degree final piece : I am empty

This is the final piece on my foundation degree at Chelsea College of art and design. Had no idea what to do as a final piece so I decided to make a project about feeling empty.
I created a life size "skin" out of my own shape that you could pump full (the interactive part of it)
Though pump-able makes me think more of sex dolls..

I wanted to make the empty skin miserable, lonely.. most of all empty. We all know how it is when everything is lost, feeling detached and rejected. I believed it would be quite striking to make such a feeling into physical form.

But i wanted to keep the toes and fingers (the bits that reveal your identity) clear and detailed.

It ended up being a very strange piece. now it is wrapped in safety in top of my cupboard, not quite knowing what to make out of it :)

London pigeons are crazy..

Here is another latex experiment I've made.. Basically, it is a book that you can wear and it prints on your face. I created a cast of a face and printed text with small stamps as a "negative" an poured the bubbely latex on top. I spend many messy minutes trying to blow those pubbles away.. But as a end result, It has a "stamping embossed" text inside.

The idea is to create a book that you can wear. It is called the little red book. I took the most important commands of Mao Zentung. By wearing the book, you become unidentifiable, you become the commands and carry them everywhere because they are stamped on your face.
It did print, but it wasn't very legible... ill post soon images of the process.