Experimentation and process- Hass project goes on

...|E X P E R I M E N T A L  M E L O D Y|...

Here it is, a litlle foldable book showing the process of the vinyls modifying! Printed in quite interesting paper..

Melting Vinyl Records on my type project, still about Hasib. As he is such a  audiovisual person, I wanted to work with sound. He keeps on returning to the memories of his past traveling stories, which eventually shaped him to become what he is nowdays. I curved/ melted the vinyls to demonstrate his experimental experiences. Also, I thought a vinyl, that spins and plays over and over again it's tracks, just like he returns in his thoughts back to the stories. Only his experiences change the way he views them now.

The Vinyls stretch, because Hasib is also very flexible personality
( hehe. or it may be just a bad excuse to experiment how far I can pull the plastic )


FILM! finally managed finishing a simple film that illustrates how the sculpture functions!

Illuminated, first experiment!

Ready for experiment. I need to create a lower pressure in the tube to make it flow.
Once, I will have digitalized the VHS ill post it here in the blog. I am still looking for the right place and more plan on the storyboard and sound!
Follow the process of the light moving, first shaping the outer shape, then fizzling around the head and heart, then continuing to the outer parts of the body. This is an installation to demonstrate the feeling of sensations "under your skin or in your veins". Hass is a photographer and a lot of his motifs that interest him are very stimulate your senses to extreme. Light installations, and its journey. This is inspired by the big roads on the night time. Hopefully I can get my hands on a proper camera and studio space soon to experiment more and move on thinking more of the sound.
The installation looks rather interesting in daylight when filling only transparent liquid because you can see those amazing little fizzling bubbles all over the body. I will post some more soon 

Beginnign to experiment with the help of my lovely housemates. Filling up of the tubes with some UV light ink. This is just a begining to see what can we make out of the film!

Building up the man! Cut with a saw and god knows how many nails napped to hold the circulating tube! The working space was amazing!

Here some part of unfinished work on its process that ive been working for a postcard project.. 

I got inspired by Hasib, visit his blog here 
he is my current project and probably one of the most exciting tasks i need to research but far more sensational and abstract than a simple postcard allows to present..

the idea here is between something he told that was quite  beautiful..

two pairs of arms, two pairs of legs, two pairs of eyes, two pairs ears to listen the world go by
two heads listen, uniting, one body

play around and connect
or disconnect..

This is still a rough but hopefully i get to screenprint it soon onto wood :)