333 Mother bar @ Old street/Hoxton

Here are some images of my final piece at club 333 Mother . It's located just off the corner of Hoxton square, between Old street and Curtain Road. I hope to make a panoramic image soon, since it's 6 fairly massive walls and a busy road.. 

This is my first comisioned large scale piece, that came across with all sorts of little difficulties because of its large scale. It was a great opportunity to learn how to treat such a large space, that didn't fit at all to my first ideas for it. In the end I decided to let it process as a freestyle and did it backwards from what I intended.. 
I used acrylic paint (and silly scruffy brushes), I think I'e learned my lesson ;) The whole piece took approx. 2 weeks to complete because it was probably the rainiest season of the month and my aerosols got nicked!! :(

I do think there would be lot of things that I wish I would have done differently, but now thinking back of all the experiences of the process just make me smile. I still think back and want to thank you for all the great souls that were so helpful! Whether it was raining or not, the friendships and other artists and deep conversations I shared! I do miss Falling of the ladder and those who came around play guitar with few beers. :)

Thankyou for those that helped me to document this piece!

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